7 Best Offline Business Idea to start in 2021

Due to lockdown, offline businesses have suffered huge loss in almost all sectors. In this article, we have shared offline business which can do good business despite in this tough conditions and how you can take your business to next level.

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Food Truck

It has been a successful business model in the past. People have stopped stepping outside their homes after the second wave of COVID-19. This is perfect to sell food in the colony or at the doorstep to generate corpus revenue. Tasty food is the ultimate weakness of the mind.

food from food truck
Girl buying orange in supermarket

We realized the importance of daily needs. This is an evergreen sector and has the ability to make business throughout the year. To make more money you can operate 24×7.

Restaurant & Delivery

The food industry has always been on priority list for the government during the Covid  crisis as it generates a lot of employment. During lockdown when dining was prohibited but food delivery partner like Zomato, Swiggy helps to survive the businesses.

Nowadays, there are lot of financial awareness among people. Opening a firm of stock broking, health policies or mutual fund can be a profitable business. Offer unique schemes and plan which will actually bring value to your customers life.

Advertisement Agency

This is a rising sector post Lockdown. All retail business have suffered during the lockdown they need good advertisement to sustain their business. Digital and social media marketing can be a great way to start.

Event Management

This is a profitable business model.  Start by organizing small birthday party, anniversary and other small events. The most important thing required here is building relations with people who works in the same industry, marriage halls, showrooms, shopping mall to host event.

Personal Coach

Physical health have been on top priority for the past couple of years. Being a professional in path like Yoga, physiologist, Aerobics or psychiatrist can bring a lot of awareness in one’s life. This is also a healthy source of income. 

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